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Updates: Friday, October 23, '09--Three days before Geocities closes, I finally get everything backed up! Darkling Dawn is mostly uploaded, all the links should work except for the Wings (which I'll get to...someday), though a few of the pages still have some kinks to be worked out. Two of the dragons in the abandoned cavern have been adopted, otherwise, nothing much has changed from the last update.

Been doing some 'Spring Cleaning' (even though it's winter. : P). First, the Fauna Frenzy. All clutches are still open, but two more clutches have been added. There have been some candidates, though I haven't updated everything yet; however, rest assured, there are still plenty of eggs/cubs available in all of the clutches/litters.
Flights: I ditched two of the fliers since, as far as I know, their owners are not around anymore. I don't know about Karrubith yet, so she's still there, but all the other spots are open. I've already got a queen ready to clutch once the Fauna Frenzy's finally done, though, so there's no rush.
Abandoned: Four dragons are still available in the Abandoned Cavern. Any reservations on them have been lifted.
Rukels: There are still three eggs left in the current clutch. Once those are gone, I can get started on the next one. I'm still accepting rukel breedings, too, by the way.

Darkling Dawn is between dimensions. It is not on any world, nor is it in space. Just don't think about it too hard. It is surrounded on all sides by dense forests that go on forever with no end. Don't think about that too hard, either.
The landscape is dotted with many lakes, connected by various small streams and rivers, though there are no seas or oceans.
Of course, several Terran animals run wild in the forests, such as horses, dogs, and cats, which have all been tamed. Flitters and other creatures have also been found. (The newest addition are the rukels. ~_^)
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